CSR Solutions database

Employing People with Physical or Mental Disabilities
McDonald’s Magyarországi Étterem Hálózat Kft.
A good employment practice implemented for employing people with physical or mental disabilities, in cooperation with the Salva Vita Foundation

COMPASS, Comprehesive Risk Assessment
HSE standardized Risk Assessment system with comprehensive approach

MOL Secondary School Concept
Implement strategic partnerships with secondary schools and professional associations to enhance the Hungarian natural science education and increase the value of natural science and engineering career paths.

CSR data collection system
OTP Bank Nyrt.
Automatic, SAP-based collection and processing of CSR data, generation of reports.

Social responsibility on cluster level
Proactive Management Cluster
The basis of our co-operations – besides professional competence – is mutual trust, honesty and the high level of ethical norms which result continuous joint activities of for-profit and non-profit organizations due to social responsibility.

Kindergarten for disadvantaged children
PricewaterhouseCoopers Kft.
A joint activity by two large enterprises and their staff to help children with multiple disadvantages and to support their foundation kindergarten (donations and voluntary work).

Richter Healthy City Programme
Richter Gedeon Nyrt.
In line with its slogan ”Health for thousands and millions for hospitals”, Richter’s Healthy City Programme places the importance of health awareness and a preventative attitude into a wider context. It combines individual impetus with community interests.

Civil Marketplace
Ségécé Magyarország Kft.
Meeting point and „ information market” in the heart of Alba Plaza shopping center.

THE program – (Program for the Popularization of Scientific, Useful and Human Science)
Siemens Zrt., a Magyar Innovációs Szövetséggel együttműködve
The key to a successful and competitive Hungary is in the hands of young people, those who are the real resources for the future, who strive to be successful and make their country successful, and are motivated and willing to act to that end.
The THE Program aims to raise young people’s interest in technology and science, to increase the prestige of careers in the fields of science and technology, to find the most talented young people and connect them with large companies that are interested in research and development in the fields where these young people can use their talent most successfully in the future. The THE Program is implemented in a broad cooperation that is unique in Hungary.

“Green Commando” in action
Szegedi Tudományegyetem József Attila Tanulmányi és Információs Központ Igazgatóság
Developing and strengthening the environmentally conscious behavioural culture of university units.