CSR Solutions database

Regional Suppliers’ Forum – Local Products on Tesco Shelves
Tesco Global Áruházak Zrt.
Public regional consultations (covering three or four counties) with local retailers, to enable small and medium enterprises to become Tesco partners even if they are unable to provide nationwide distribution of their products.

Young Entrepreneur of the Future Program
Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt.
The encouragement of Hungarian micro-, small and medium enterprises by supporting the professional preparation and start-ups of college students with viable ideas.

I drink responsibly and I am for it
Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt.
Developing employee competencies in order to spread well-mannered and responsible drinking.

Responsibility beyond the borders
DENSO Gyártó Magyarország Kft.
What does the company do for its employees and the local community development?

“Springboard, Budapest Bank – on finances for women” program
Budapest Bank Zrt.
We launched the “Springboard, Budapest Bank – on finances for women” program in 2010 in cooperation with the SEED Foundation for Small Enterprise Development, which has more than 20 years of experience in developing small businesses. The goal of the initiative is to help women succeed in the business world by expanding their financial knowledge and developing their entrepreneurial awareness.

One of the main elements of the program is a 12-day competency development training, during which the 20–22 participants can learn about the basic financial and economic skills that are indispensable for launching, successfully operating and developing a company.

In addition to the trainings, we also organize networking seminars that are open to everyone, where professional presentations are held for attendees and which provide an excellent opportunity for building contacts.

Under the framework of “Springboard”, we have organized 9 trainings and 12 networking seminars so far. The program’s success is attested by the fact that over the past year, near 600 women entrepreneurs have joined the initiative.

Net Program
E.ON Hungária Zrt.
The purpose of the program is to support families experiencing difficulties paying their utility bills through a complex program that offers an escape from the vicious circle of debt, and an opportunity to subsequently maintain stability and effectively manage household finances.
The families prepare a plan to pay off their debt, review their finances and commit to contribute to the payment of their arrears. They receive financial support for this from the program, allowing them to pay off the entire debt by the end of a period defined according to their situation.
In order to stabilize the household's finances in a sustainable manner, we provide financial training in small groups tailored to their personal situations, as well as family care for the duration of the program, and subsequent follow-up. This allows the families to repay their outstanding utility bills and keep up with payments over the long term.
We approached the For Our Families Foundation to develop the conceptual framework of the program. We worked together with experts from family support services in Hajdú-Bihar County and from the “Add a kezed” (Lend A Hand) Püspökladány Association of Large Families, after which the final program plan was drawn up and work could begin.

Work is just a click away: telecommuting house in Nagykőrös
Microsoft Magyarország Kft.
The new telecommuting house of Nagykőrös has been opened in April 2012 by the cooperation of the Supplement Center of Bács-Kiskun County and Microsoft Hungary, aided by the European Union and the European Regional Development Fund.

The main purpose of this telecommuting house is giving help the local people looking for jobs and working for distant employers and companies without traveling or moving.

Richter Golden Mum Award
Richter Gedeon Nyrt.
The Richter Golden Mum Award initiative aims to increase respect for women in society and increase women’s self-esteem thereby.

Richter Health City
Richter Gedeon Nyrt.
Richter’s nationwide Health City programme focuses on the importance of health-conscious living. It stresses prevention and the individual’s responsibility in protecting one’s health, since lifestyle factors affect life expectancy at least 40%. We wish to pinpoint this with credible information and practical guidance. The other important aspect of prevention is the access to frequent screenings and health checkups as early diagnosis aids treatment. An innovative element in the programme ensures that onsite consultation about next steps to be taken is available to patients as well as registration with local hospitals.