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Title:  Coca-Cola HBC Hungary Wake Your Body Program 
Sub heading:  A long-term, strategic CSR program for promoting active, healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and leisure time sport activities 
Company:  Coca-Cola HBC Magyarország Kft. 
Problem:  As in other countries, obesity is currently a serious social problem in Hungary causing discomfort and a higher chance for cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases. This situation has evolved in a long time, in the past decades going back to several reasons. We believe that the primary reason is lack of physical exercise, while the calorie intake has increased only slightly (13%) in the last fifty years. The vast majority of the population live a sedentary lifestyle. 
Solution:  Our company is committed to the principle of shared responsibility: we believe that a situation evolved in a long time going back to several factors affecting the majority of the population can only be changed in collaboration with longterm programs designed with a strategic outlook and consistency. The government, NGO's, the industry and individuals are all responsible for the solution and have their role in the change. Our corporate Wake Your Body program – together with the government and many NGO's – sees the
solution in making regular physical exercise a part of daily life again for as many people as possible.

The Wake Your Body program of the Coca-Cola HBC Hungary started in 2005 aiming to offer the chance for physical exercise for as many people as possible and provide them with facilities for sport free of charge or with a moderate contribution. By this means people can participate in leisure time sport activities and various other sport activities spending a part of their free time actively living a healthier life together with their families.

The Coca-Cola Wake Your Body program has supported popular events like Szigeti Sportvarázs, Fitness Day, Swimming, Women’s Sports Festival, Mozdulj Velencei-tó (Move Lake Velence) as part of the Mozdulj Magyarország (Move Hungary) programs, Coca-Cola Wake Your Body Budapest Running Gala, Tárt Kapus Létesítmények (Institutions Open for All) program, Central European Fitness and Wellness Congress, etc.. Nutritionists provide individual dietetic advice in our events and we also promote appropriate water intake and hydration. 
Co-operation:  Since the start of the program we have maintained long-term, strategic cooperation with our partners, among others the BSI Sportmarketing Ltd., Magyar Szabadidősport Szövetség (Hungarian Association for Recreational Sports), the Fitness
Company, Somogy Megyei Kerékpáros Szövetség (Somogy County Bikers Association), Sport-affairs Department of the
Municipality of Budapest and the Sport-affairs Secretariat of the government. 
Challenges:  It is hard to motivate people living a sedentary lifestyle – they are reluctant to move out of their homes at first, to start exercise and change the way they live their daily life takes a change in attitude. 
Benefits:  More than 2,1 million people have joined our Wake Your Body events in the last 5 years. They could try 50 different sports in 500 events in 450 spots across the country. 
Topic:  egyéb, munka- és egészségvédelem 
Industry:  élelmiszeripar 
Place of implementation:  Magyarország 
Date of implementation:  Ongoing since 2005 
More information:  http://www.testebreszto.hu 
Contact person:  Éda Pogány
Public Affairs and Communication Director
+36 30 931 6329