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Title:  Coca-Cola Hungary – Corporate volunteering program 
Sub heading:  Corporate volunteering is not restricted to only one program at Coca-Cola Hungary, but it is an integral part of the company's CSR strategy. It is a full scale program designed to provide a framework for “giving” work contribution by our employees to the local and wider community. 
Company:  Coca-Cola HBC Magyarország Kft. 
Problem:  NGOs, institutions of education, local communities sometimes lack the resources and skills that would make them more effective in realizing their objectives. 
Solution:  Our corporate volunteering program is open to all of our colleagues. All they have to do is joining any of our projects or initiate one. Our employees can
(1) join the programs announced centrally, financed and organised by the company
(2) initiate programs themselves and apply for the Employee Fund
(3) support communities with their skills and experience The PR team announces two volunteer action days fitting the company's CSR strategy. Participation in the actions initiated by the company is encouraged by 2 days off/year.

We support initiatives in line with the company's CSR strategy also via Employee Fund applications (submitted by our employees). In order to raise awareness for community issues, we urge our employees to initiate public activities in their own neighbourhood or in the wider community. Consequently, their initiatives are mainly inspired by organisations, communities they know of in their own neighbourhood and they wish to support by their skills, work or experience. The company's internal communication team provides support to the employees' initiatives: they circulate information about planned the volunteer action via common internal communication channels, publish coverage about them encouraging other people to initiate similar actions.

A total number of 275 volunteers have participated in corporate volunteer days so far collecting 61 tons of garbage along both riverbanks of 25 kilometres. They also transformed a nursery school to comply EU standards, renewed the court and playground of the Dunavarsány Primary School and planted 80 trees. Coca-Cola Hungary employs nearly 1400 people that means 20% of all our employees participate in volunteer programs. 
Co-operation:  We have a day-to-day relationship with the Önkéntes Központ Alapítvány (Volunteer Centre Foundation) that actively participates in the organisation and implementation of our spring and autumn volunteer activities (managed by the PR team). Together with our volunteers, our strategic NGO partners - for example the WWF Hungary, partner agencies and companies, members of the local community concerned, state environment protection and water stewardship organisations - also join our activities. 
Challenges:  We have had to manage despite legal barriers when organising and implementing our programs. Since fence painting, waste collection or tree planting are outside of our business as registered at the courts, procuring materials and tools is difficult for us and entails an extra tax toll on our company. 
Benefits:  Corporate volunteering is an integral and important part of our CSR strategy considered a partnership with the communities we are affected by and an excellent opportunity for us to get involved into the life of the communities we live in. By this means, we can support NGO's, institutions of education and local communities in general lacking resources and skills with our knowledge, resources and experience. By integrating volunteer programs into the daily routine of the company, we can also raise awareness among employees for the responsibility we have for our communities. We choose the issues best fit to elements of our CSR strategy. As a rule, we support programs related to environment and nature protection, active life style and physical activities. 
Topic:  vállalati önkéntesség 
Industry:  élelmiszeripar 
Place of implementation:  Magyarország 
Date of implementation:  Ongoing since 2008 
More information:  http://cocacola.hu/?pid=134 
Contact person:  Éda Pogány
Public Affairs and Communication Director
+36 30 931 6329