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Title:  Danube Box – education pack and national scholastic competition 
Sub heading:  “People only appreciate and protect what they know”- Danube River interactive knowledge base and education pack for schools to reach greater awareness about the variety of wildlife and the river in general. 
Company:  Coca-Cola HBC Magyarország Kft. 
Problem:  Public awareness is low on the sustainable utilization of rivers taking economic and social consequences, and aspects of environmental protection into consideration. Teachers lack the educational tool to make students interested in the natural and cultural assets of the Danube region and draw their attention to the importance of protecting them. The principle of shared responsibility is not emphasised enough, youth dot receive sufficient quality and quantity of information on how to act in an environmentally responsible way in their daily life. 
Solution:  Danube Box is an interactive education pack which contains exciting, easy to understand and useful information for students aged 11-18 and their teachers. The cyclopaedia urges users to get even more information about the Danube River and its tributaries and show interest in the natural and cultural assets of the Danube region encouraging them to protect these assets and use them in a sustainable way.

The education pack contains professional information, pictures, worksheets for copy, role play descriptions, games for indoor and outdoor activities and presentations about the cultural assets of the region. The complementary CD-ROM contains an interactive excursion in the Danube region. The tasks imply activities focusing on the River Danube. They are playful and consist of elements tried and tested many times, some of them adjusted to indoor, others to outdoor circumstances. They not only encourage students to learn more of nature but to study ecological themes as well. 
Co-operation:  The Danube Box was first applied in 2007 when a national scholastic competition based on the content of the education pack was also organised. Ever since the composition of the education pack, Coca-Cola HBC Hungary has maintained a long-term PPP cooperation with the Danube-Drava National Park, GWP Hungary Foundation and governmental organisations of environmental protection and education with the goal to use this education pack year on year. We also participate in the arrangement of the annual national scholastic competition in cooperation and the jury panel. 
Challenges:  Due to substantial production costs we could not afford to send the education pack to all institutions of education. Consequently, we made the entire content of the education pack available on the danubebox.hu to download from the website free of charge and decided to arrange a national scholastic competition based on the knowledge base by this means encouraging teachers and students to get acquainted also with the internet. 
Benefits:  The Danube Box knowledge base and education pack helps students to get to know the Danube River and its natural and cultural assets, one of the endangered rivers of Europe. It is of high importance to raise a generation open to nature conservation.
Youth taking care of environmental protection are exceptionally valuable for the community as they have an ability to affect public opinion. Participants of the competition form a community. The education pack is also useful for professionals dealing with environmental protection and its education. Methodology of the education pack may be improved, results and experience of the education program can be shared. 
Topic:  civil-vállalati együttműködés, környezetvédelem 
Industry:  élelmiszeripar 
Place of implementation:  Magyarország 
Date of implementation:  Ongoing since 2007 
More information:  http://www.danubebox.hu 
Contact person:  Éda Pogány
Public Affairs and Communication Director
+36 30 931 6329