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Title:  Ecological footprint: let’s join forces to reduce it! 
Sub heading:  Let’s cut our CO2 emission by 10% -> Internal communication program for company employees in the interest of conscious energy use.  
Company:  British American Tobacco Hungary 
Problem:  The company has been carrying out actions for many years to reduce the ecological footprint. This is a necessity both on a global and on a local scale. Identifying the problem: the employees had no information about each programme. Therefore, we wanted to attract their attention to these. We wanted them to learn about the reasons, which led the company to take steps towards solving the problem. And, last but not least, we wanted to win their support. For this reason we invented the campaign and the programme, which has been described in the tender, and which helps to form conscious approach by the employees along the lines of the ideology of the 10: 10 global campaign.  
Solution:  Triple goal:
1. To call attention of the employees to the current environmental problems.
2. To inform employees about the campaign.
3. To involve them.

1. Campaign to arise interest. In the first round we placed spectacular installations in different parts of the office. These installations properly illustrated the different environmental problems, as well as their negative effects. The 10:10 logo also appeared. However, at that time, the employees no had no idea what it was about.

2. 10:10 communication: information via the intranet network about the company’s joining the 10: 10 campaign. Our company was the first big Hungarian company, which joined the campaign. The next step was to invite employees to set up a 10-member team, named 10:10:10. The invitation was addressed to employees who volunteered to reduce their CO2 emission in a year not only as team members but individually as well. In the end an 11-member team was set up.

3. The members of the team meet monthly throughout a year. As a first step they measure their current CO2 emission. We assist them by giving them emission calculators. During these meetings the team members come up with ideas, and define territories where they see chances to realize the emission cut. Then they agree on the way to put it into practice and share their experience with each other. Via our intranet, we continuously inform the full organization about the ideas heard at the meetings and about the results achieved.
Co-operation:  Cooperation with the 10:10 Hungarian communication team. In Hungary BAT has been the first big company to join the initiative, and BAT has been the only big company, which started to popularize the initiative among its employees.
Otherwise the project itself operates via the cooperation of a cross-functional team.
Challenges:  The difficulty is to keep up permanent interest towards the theme. For this reason, we have been making efforts to refresh the themes, and to invite specialists of the different fields to deliver lectures.  
Benefits:  The employees’ approach towards energy consumption has become more responsible then before.
Achievements on company level: Between September 2009 and September 2010, we managed to cut CO2 emission by 12%. We achieved this by revising the routes of the sales teams, by reducing heating water temperature from 70 degrees centigrade to 55 degrees centigrade, by making an optimal characteristic heating chart and by reducing the heating period. Other steps had been: halting the use running water for washing up and using energy-saving bulbs, using switch-off electric distributors, saving on fuel, using the motor brake, selecting the gear, which best fit the environment, driving 50km/hour in populated areas in fifth gear, and the use of bicycle.
Topic:  marketing 
Industry:  dohányipar 
Place of implementation:  Budaörs 
Date of implementation:  2010-2011 
More information:  http://www.1010global.org/hu 
Contact person:  Nikolett Seres
CSR and communicaton manager
+36 20 824 0605