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Title:  Extended employment 
Sub heading:  We want to work, too! 
Company:  Bakosfa Kft. 
Problem:  1. The rate of disable employees in the Hungarian labour market counts only a few percentage, although they could get on in a lot of fields. Moreover integrating able and disable people is a social aim.

2. It often happens that one of the parties in the family becomes homeless from one day to another due to breaking up (alcoholism, violence, divorce). Those without permanent residence suffer disadvantages in the labour market. The lack of self-confidence and the shortage of necessary equipment for looking for a job (internet telephone, newspaper) make their situation hopeless.
Solution:  We know the problems the local civil organisations need to cope with and we, as devoted local patriots, are cooperating with them. The Shelter Foundation is dedicated to help socially disadvantaged people to find a job and change their life for the better. Furthermore, it provides them assistance to negotiate with companies about positions and introduces the proper people to each other. The Foundation takes both financial and moral responsibilities, because the employers would not trust people with social difficulties. The job provided means only a temporary help for both parties, because in most of the cases it lasts until it helps the employee’s difficulties straighten up. This way the burden imposed on the employer is less who may lose the employee after a while and should look for another one. Nevertheless the person in question could straighten his/her life up and solve the residential problem.

At our company colleagues help socially disadvantaged people to adapt themselves without any difficulties. Thus two people were trained to be wood panel cutting skilled workers and they have been working for the company for two years now, one of them as a security guard the other one helps with the marketing activity of the company by distributing leaflets.
Co-operation:  We have already given publicity to the ways of finding employments of disabled people: such as in announcements in the media; in press conferences at our site.
We regularly sponsor the concert series called ‘Life is better with us!’
We decorated a Christmas tree for the Hand in Hand Foundation in the Forest of Angels in 2010, where our Christmas tree became the 22nd out of about 200 in the competition of civil organisations.
Challenges:  Employees with difficulties ask for their wage on daily basis. They can only be made to get used to working in full time step by step. Until they reach back to the subsistence wage level they can only be employed within doors and in small groups since they still feel affronted and hurt.
Benefits:  In case the employment is not only a temporary solution for the homeless employee, it could mean new roots for him/her and he/she could be counted on in the long term. These people are completely reliable both morally and financially. They look at their employer as a rescuer and guardian, plus they have a strong emotional bond to the workplace, the colleagues and their boss.

They make up the 5 % of the number of the employees at the company. It is morally expected to provide opportunity to those whose life is more difficult.
Topic:  civil-vállalati együttműködés, esélyegyenlőség 
Industry:  bútoripar 
Place of implementation:  Budapest 
Date of implementation:  Since 2009 
More information:  http:\\www.bakosfa.hu 
Contact person:  Miklós Bakos
+36 30 949 6443