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Title:  Mother and parent friendly workplace 
Sub heading:  Unique solutions for building and strengthening the employer brand -- in focus: families with small children  
Company:  British American Tobacco Hungary 
Problem:  Our company must face different challenges in order to preserve or even increase employee satisfaction and commitment. Furthermore, it becomes more and more difficult to find and attract potential future employees.
We find it especially important to come up with unique and tailor-made solutions to attract and retain employees.
Solution:  At our company, a work-life balance programme is already in place, with a special focus on mothers being on or coming back from maternity leave and on families with kids. For them we offer the following opportunities:

- Useful information for newly became parents: a guide which contains all necessary information on allowances and benefits to which parents are entitled, as well as information on how and where to manage different things after the birth of their baby, etc.

- „Keep in touch!” programme: mothers during their maternity leave, can get information about company news and events, if they are interested in them. We also inform them about actual vacancies, and invite them to participate in corporate events.

- Part-time work and job-sharing:
For mothers returning from their maternity leave, depending on the type of job in which they return, we can ensure a gradual come-back. They can have the possibility to work part time or do job-sharing as well, which means two employees doing one job.

- Flexible working hours and remote work: In the case of families with small children, sometimes it’s hard to organize to be present at the workplace and fulfill private duties as well, especially if the baby is sick or an urgent thing happens. For such cases, both the flexible working-hours and the remote working opportunities can serve as relevant solutions.
- Baby-mummy room: Mothers and fathers who work for our company can look after their children even in the office, in a specially equipped room. Parents can work, while their children are playing. There is a child-friend room with carpet for the children to play, a diaper stool, which makes diapering easier for the mothers.
Co-operation:  Internal: Before the programme was launched in 2008, we carried out focus group research to assess demands. Since that we fine-tuned our framework according to the employees’ proposals. Senior management also uses the different elements and encourages others to do so.

External: We developed the concept with the involvement of an external consultant company.
Challenges:  The biggest difficulty we faced during the implementation and the operation of the framework is to find real value adding services to our employees by keeping the tight budget limits at the same time.  
Benefits:  We believe that the opportunities offered to our employees with small children, give a REAL flexibility to them to align work and private life needs and it is unique in the labour market. It gives a security to our employees, and hence, we can support the difficult job of bringing up a child.  
Topic:  munka és magánélet egyensúlya 
Industry:  dohányipar 
Place of implementation:  Budaörs 
Date of implementation:  2011 
More information: 
Contact person:  Tünde Tóth
Commercial Support HR Business Partner
+36 20 824 0427