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Title:  Renewed Flexibility & Balance framework 
Sub heading:  Our program, which has been aiming at increasing and maintaining employee satisfaction, has been operating successfully for many years. Now, we are adjusting this programme to the new external and internal challenges.
Company:  British American Tobacco Hungary 
Problem:  Our company must face different challenges in order to preserve or even increase employee satisfaction and commitment. Furthermore, it becomes more and more difficult to find and attract potential future employees.

War for talent has increased in the labour market over the past couple of years. Y-generation future employees come forward with new demands: like for example, environmental conscious approach and balance between their work and their private life. Besides, they prefer to work for a responsible company. Reacting to these new demands, several companies started to run programmes, which try to create work-life balance. However, we would like to do something different…
Solution:  Answering to employee demands, our company has been operating a programme since January 2008, which is designed to help to create work-life balance to our employees. The current framework contains time-related elements, which help employees adjust working hours to their own demands, and also space-related elements which make the place of their work flexible. The new concept contains 2 additional pillars which focus on employee health and employer responsibility.

One of the new pillars, the EMPLOYEE WELL-BEING, set the goal to preserve the physical and mental health of the employees and to preserve their productivity.

The ’EMPLOYEE WELL-BEING Body’ elements include (listing only a few of them):
- “The BIKER GUIDE”, which contains a collection of useful information 8eg. bike routes) for employees arriving to work by bike. Additionally, a shower, a dressing-room, and both an open-air and indoor bike storage have been created in the office
- a list of web pages about healthy diet
- fresh sandwiches provided for employees who start working in the early morning hours
- free/discount price health screenings organized.

The EMPLOYEE WELL-BEING Soul elements include, for example:

- regular yoga for office workers
- a collection of exercises to treat and control stress effects
- life-course advices, stress handling trainings

The other new pillar, the ’COMMUNITY’ pillar, aims at forming communities and keeping them together.

The COMMUNITY elements include, for example:
- A Sportclub, which is financed by the company for supporting employees doing team sports. It’s one of the most beloved element of the framework as teams, formed by groups of employees from different departments can enjoy its advantages.

- The ’Keep in Touch’ programme supports the reintegration of mothers coming back from maternity leave and returning expats.
Co-operation:  Internal: Before the programme was launched in 2008, we carried out focus group research and set up an internal cross-functional project team to assess employees’ demands. Since that we fine-tuned our framework according to the employees’ proposals. Senior management also uses the different elements and encourages others to do so. There is a separate dedicated position for the operation of the framework.

External: We developed the concept with the involvement of an external consultant company.
Challenges:  The biggest difficulty we faced during the implementation and the operation of the framework is to find real value adding services to our employees by keeping the tight budget limits at the same time.  
Benefits:  Employee satisfaction surveys show significant improvement in employee’s commitment since the launch of the framework.
From the point of view of the employees, a continuously renewing framework guarantees relevant offers for them which support their work-life balance. It is also worth to mention that as a result of the framework, we can welcome new colleagues at our company who chose to work for BAT because here they can have flexible working opportunities.
Topic:  munka- és egészségvédelem 
Industry:  dohányipar 
Place of implementation:  Budaörs 
Date of implementation:  2011 
More information: 
Contact person:  Tünde Tóth
Commercial Support HR Business Partner
+36 20 824 0427