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Title:  The goal is: accident-free driving! 
Sub heading:  Improving traffic safety at a company, where more than 290 employees drive 8.7 million kilometres per year.  
Company:  British American Tobacco Hungary 
Problem:  The Commercial Unit of BAT Magyarország is made up of cigarette sales teams who work in 12 depots across the country. About 290 employees belong to these teams with the same number of cars (first of all small trucks). In 2010, the cars of the sales teams ran about 8.7 million kilometres. This equals driving 217 times round the world in a year. This is an exceedingly long distance, and if we take into consideration the Hungarian driving culture, we must realize that the colleagues working in the sales team face great risks on the roads. Our goal has been to minimize these risks.  
Solution:  Since 2009, we have been continuously improving our risk assessment process. In the end, we set up an action plan in the interest of save driving:

Training programmes:
- we have been staging defensive driving trainings every year (using genuine traffic situations and simulation, alternatively)
- we launched preventive programmes on traffic-relatd near-misses to help employees avoid dangerous traffic situations:
(we identified frequent hazardous traffic cases and presented examples how to avoid such accidents)
- in 2010, we prepared interactive E-Learning courses about defensive driving (the courses start in 2011)

- in the framework of defensive driving trainings, one driver from each depot takes part in a full-day test driving with a coach sitting next to the employee.
- we equipped our cars with GPS-based system, which is capable to monitor fast driving. In this way, team leaders get information about the driving habit of their team members.
Communication, information:
Since 2010, employees get monthly information about safe and economical driving
- via the intranet we carry reports about actual accidents to inform the rest of employees about these

Motivation, involvement:
- In 2010, we staged a road safety contest, which took many factors into consideration (e.g. the number of accidents, the number of fast driving, the result of highway code tests and fuel consumption)
- accident-free driving is among the goals to be achieved by our sales employees on annual basis
Co-operation:  Internal: for the sake of realizing the aforesaid, we naturally needed the cooperation of a number of company experts. These experts represent the following departments: HR, Car fleet-mgmt, Marketing, EHS.
External: the involving of external experts
Challenges:  The difficulty we have been facing is find out: in what way we can influence the driving style of employees while they are out of touch with the company, and while they are not under control. This happens while they are driving along their sales routes ( practically in the major part of their working hours)
Benefits:  Between 2005 and 2008, there were traffic accidents, which resulted in lost workdays. In 2009 there was no such accident, and in 2010, there was only one.  
Topic:  munka- és egészségvédelem 
Industry:  dohányipar 
Place of implementation:  Magyarország 
Date of implementation:  2009-2010 
More information: 
Contact person:  Tamás Kovács
EHS Manager
+36 20 8240 388