CSR MarketPlace Initiative

What is CSR MarketPlace?

The CSR MarketPlace on Corporate Social Responsibility, initiated by CSR Europe in 2005, is an innovative forum for sharing solutions to business challenges in an informal, exchange-driven and creative environment.

What is CSR Europe?

CSR Europe is the leading European business network for corporate social responsibility with around 70 multinational corporations and 25 national partner organisations as members.

Its mission is to support member companies in integrating CSR into the way they do business, every day.

CSR Europe is a platform for:
  • Connecting companies to share best practice on CSR
  • Innovating new projects between business and stakeholders
  • Shaping the modern day business and political agenda on sustainability and competitiveness
The organisation was founded in 1995 by senior European business leaders in response to an appeal by the European Commission President Jacques Delors. It has since grown to become an inspiring network of business people working at the very forefront of CSR across Europe and globally.

CSR Europe webpage:

At the MarketPlace, business practitioners present their company's solutions to CSR challenges and share experience with their peers.

The MarketPlace consists of small stands organised according to several topics. Companies present various challenges in CSR and also possible solutions. The MarketPlace allows managers to find practices suited to different CSR issues.

The MarketPlace gives CSR managers an excellent opportunity for an informal exchange of experience and knowledge of new solutinos in CSR.

Selection of best practices

The examples of best practice presented at the MarketPlace are selected by a jury of experts from cases submitted by NPOs and other candidates. The jury is composed of members of companies, NPOs and external stakeholders. The best practices are also presented in a printed catalogue.

Selection criteria:
  1. Significant: solution for a significant problem
  2. Innovative: from the point of view of process and results
  3. Adaptable: easy to adapt to other situations and sectors
CSR Marketplaces

CSR Europe hosted its first European MarketPlace on Corporate Social Responsibility in March 2005, in Brussels. It was followed by several similar programs on a European level and also on a national level, in various countries. You can read more about them here.